Monster-Mania Radio #25 - It’s Convention Time!!

• February 28th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio #25 - It's Convention Time!!

Ok guys, we are just a week away from Monster-Mania Con 25, it's the 10th year celebration. Promoter Dave Hagan, son Doug and Rob Dimension discuss losing Carrie Fisher as a headliner. Dave is candid and open about how he felt and explains how great the fans of Monster-Mania fans really are. We also discuss the additions of Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams and Larry Zerner from Friday the 13th Part 3. Dave also talks about the additions of Fear Net sponsoring the VIP Party and the new Evil Dead film sponsoring the Costume Contest on Saturday night.

In Horror News, the guys talk about American Horror story, some upcoming comics and more. Plus, in a great segment, Dave, Doug and Rob talk about what the con means to them and what makes it special.

Make sure you get your tickets for March 8-10th in Cherry Hill, NJ. It's going to be a fantastic weekend! See you there!!

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Monster-Mania Radio #24

• February 22nd, 2013
Monster-Mania Radio #24
Just two weeks away from Monster-Mania 24, the kick off to celebrate the 10th year anniversary since promoter Dave Hagan took a thought and made it a reality. This week Dave is joined by his son Doug and co-host Rob Dimension. The trio give an "Insider's Guide" to first timers on what to expect and how to beat the lines. Plus, they talk about exactly how much is happening during the weekend.
They discuss adding the iconic band, The Misfits to the convention, plus Horror News with talks about Mama, Hannibal and Bates Motel. This week, we ask - What was your memorable "creepy scene" in a movie that gave you the chills? All this plus laughs and a run down of Monster Mania events as we approach just two weeks away.
Make sure you visit for all the guest listings and watch for more updates on the Monster Mania Facebook fan page.

Monster-Mania Radio #23

• February 14th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio #23

Another week of Monster-Mania Radio and another step closer to March 8-10th Monster-Mania Con 24 in Cherry Hill, NJ! On this weeks show Dave Hagan, the promoter and creator of the convention and co-host Rob Dimension discuss All things about the convention. Photo ops are covered, guests are covered, tickets are covered!! Have a question? Listen!!

Plus, we have Walking Dead talk and on this weeks Horror News, Dave and Rob talk about upcoming releases and pose the question - What was the last movie that scared you? Lots of fun topics and information on the show. Make sure you listen for up to the minute details about the convention.


Monster-Mania Radio - Episode #22

• February 7th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio - Episode #22

Plenty of fun this week, as Dave Hagan, the Monster-Mania Con promoter and co-host, Rob Dimension are joined by Dave's son, Dave for a little bit more of behind the scenes of the convention. The three take a good look at the upcoming March 8-10th show plus discuss their opinions on the costume contest, the Sinister Short film festival and Dave sheds some light on how things have changed in over ten years of Monster-Mania.

On to Horror News, the three talk about some real estate, Warm Bodies and World War Z. A lot of opinions and laughs for this episode. Make sure you get your VIP tickets, if you're a vendor, get your table and get excited for three days of sheer terror!!

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Monster-Mania Radio Episode #21

• January 30th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio Episode #21

After a two week hiatus, Monster-Mania Con promoter Dave Hagan and Horror Enthusiast, Rob Dimension are back with a near TWO hour episode. On today's episode, Dave and Rob talk about guest announcements and online etiquette. Plus plenty of Horror news, from box office draw to JJ Abrams directing Star Wars. Remembering Sally Starr and talking about online TV shows vs Cable networks.

All this and so much more at, on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio. Make sure you get your VIP Passes NOW!! Don't wait and miss the opportunity of a lifetime at for Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill, NJ on March 8-10.


Monster-Mania Radio # 20 - It’s a Star Wars episode…and a little extra

• January 9th, 2013
Monster-Mania Radio # 20 - It's a Star Wars episode...and a little extra
It's a very special Star Wars episode of MMR; today Dave Hagan and Rob Dimension are joined, once again by Dave's Son, Doug who pulls no punches on calling his Dad and Dimension out about "Being too old school of Horror fans". Maybe he's right. Plus, they all talk about what Star Wars means to them and Dave shares what it feels like to announce Carrie Fisher as an addition to the March 8-10, Monster-Mania Con.
Dave gives us insight about the upcoming Costume Contest, more info about the Sinister Shorts festival and breaks news about a special Tattoo room. The discussion gets heated when the guys discuss Texas Chainsaw 3-D and as an extra listening bonus, Dave and Rob head to the movies and see the movie, then come back and give a review. Other topics in Horror News are Mama, Godzilla and is Del Toro the savior for our genre?
Another 90 minute show for you to enjoy. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher Radio to get the show as soon as it goes up. Also, continue to visit for up to the minute updates about the 10th Anniversary show.
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Monster-Mania Radio #19 - New Year, New Guests…Open the Door!!

• January 4th, 2013
Monster-Mania Radio #19 - New Year, New Guests...Open the door!!

Happy New Year to all of our listeners, we hope everyone is ready for this monumental year for Monster-Mania Convention. Dave Hagan, the promoter of Monster-Mania Con is celebrating his 10th Year of Monster-Mania Con, he's joined by Horror enthusiast, Rob Dimension to bring you new guest announcements, some positive vibes and a little bit extra! Make sure you subscribe on Stitcher Radio or through iTunes to get this podcast as soon as it's put up. No hassle, no searching!!

On this episode, Dave and Rob talk about setting a goal, not taking "No" for an answer and remaining positive. Dave sheds light on new guests for the upcoming March 8-10, Cherry Hill event. They take a look back at last years films and discuss this years films, posing the question "Was last year a good year to be a horror fan?"
They switch gears to horror news and also Dave talks about the Sinister Shorts Independent film event in March. This podcast is over 90 minutes long and hopefully we help you kick off the new year with a smile and get you geared up for Monster-Mania!
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Monster-Mania Radio #18 - Tis the Season!!

• December 20th, 2012

Monster-Mania Radio #18

Tis the Season

On this week's episode, Monster Mania Con promoter Dave Hagan and horror enthusiast, Rob Dimension discuss why they held off last week to podcast. They talk about what Christmas means to them. Some great Horror news including a super genius marketing idea from the movie "App".

Dave and Rob reflect on gifts and even discuss New Years resolutions. The main focus for these guys is family. You, the listeners are part of our extended family and we hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season. Be safe and enjoy!

Make sure you visit for up to the minute guest announcements.

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Monster-Mania Radio #17 - Holy Podcast, Batman!

• December 7th, 2012

Monster-Mania Radio

Holy Podcast, Batman!

"To Monster-Mania...hurry"

No need to be alarmed good citizens of Gotham City, Commissioner Gordon has alerted your favorite Dynamic Duo. Dave Hagan, the superhero of Horror Conventions and the Boy Wonder, Rob Dimension are back for a full Monster-Mania Radio episode that discusses the recent Batman updates to Hunt Valley, plus as usual, cover Horror News and talk about The Walking Dead.

Also getting to know the guys more, they cover plenty of other topics this episode. Join the rest of the Monster-Mania community and lets head to the Batcave and listen!!

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Monster-Mania Radio #16 - You must be Squatchin!

• November 29th, 2012

Monster-Mania Radio

#16 - You must be Squatchin!"

After a Thanksgiving break, Promoter of Monster-Mania Con, Dave Hagan and co-host, Horror Enthusiast Rob Dimension have returned to the airwaves. On this episode, Dave's son, Doug, sits in and gives us his views on being a part of Monster-Mania, growing up surrounded by Horror and who some of his favorite guests have been.

The guys discuss Thanksgiving, Black Friday and how they spent the time with their families. Does this Holiday season seem like it's being driven by greed more than last year? Dave and Doug talk briefly about Rise of the Guardians, while Dimension says he was forced to see Twilight.

Of course, what would a Monster-Mania Radio show be without some Sasquatch topics, plus a good supply of Horror news. Plenty of Walking Dead talk, plus Dave gives us more guest announcements for March AND September...and they are awesome!!

Make sure to visit for up to the minute guest announcements and follow Dave @MonsterManiaCon and Rob @RobDimension on Twitter and live tweet with them during The Walking Dead.

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