Monster-Mania Radio #13 - Halloween Part 2

Monster-Mania Radio #13

Halloween part 2




Two in one week?? Oh yeah, this is the second part of the Halloween episode, after all..this is Monster-Mania Radio. Dave Hagan, the Monster-Mania promoter and Horror enthusiast, Rob Dimension start this show off with Walking Dead talk. They cover the first two weeks of the hottest show on television. Then the topic shifts to Halloween memories including; Favorite memory, favorite costumes and most of all...Favorite Candy! Dave has a great list of candies you might remember.


Then, Horror news is back! Yep, plenty of horror news and happenings in the genre. Plus, Dave gives us the great treat of TWO guest announcements for March!! Yes..TWO!!



 This is our holiday, the time we wait for all year, Dave and Rob want to pass along the happiest of Halloween cheer and remind you to pass along the great traditions to the kids.


Happy Halloween!!

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