Monster-Mania Radio #7 - The “Chase Figure” episode

Monster-Mania Radio #7

The "Chase Figure" Episode




This episode, as the countdown continues for Monster-Mania 23, Promoter Dave Hagan and co-host Rob Dimension kick off the episode announcing a few new guest additions. The talk switches gears to the release of the Universal Classic Monsters :The Essential Collection. Is the set worth the high sticker price?


Then, Dave and Rob flex their nerd muscles and discuss the Action Figure market. Topics range from the Boom to the crash in the market, the people who helped build the market and the new leaders who have emerged from the ashes. Good topic for collectors.


Lastly, with the new trend for smaller Independent films making a trial run on Video on Demand, is this a smart method for release? The trails that Indie film makers battle, the trouble with distribution and how to be seen at Monster-Mania.


Don't forget, Monster-Mania Con 23 is set for September 28-30 in Hunt Valley, MD.VIP tickets are still available and we would love to see you there. Follow Dave and Rob on Twitter @MonsterManiaCon and @RobDimension. Plus, look for Monster-Mania on Facebook. Visit and for more details.

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