Monster-Mania Radio #8 - For the Good of the Genre!

Monster-Mania Radio #8

For the Good of the Genre






On this weeks episode of Monster-Mania Radio, Promoter Dave Hagan and Horror Enthusiast Rob Dimension talk about Monster-Mania Con 23 coming up in Hunt Valley, MD. They answer a listeners question that ask's Dave - "What makes you choose the guests?"



The guys then turn to Horror News and discuss titles from Pacific Rim to the re-release of Halloween. Then the question is asked - The greatest example of a Horror film since 1960? To wrap the show, Dave offers Dimension advice about marketing his upcoming film. This advice can be used by film makers of all levels.



Don't forget, follow us on twitter - Dave @MonsterManiaCon and Dimension @RobDimension. Also, visit for up to the minute news about the upcoming Sept 28-30 convention. For more of Monster-Mania Radio, look for us on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Thanks for listening.

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