Monster-Mania Radio episode 2 (2017) Hunt Valley & Halloween

• September 21st, 2017

On this week's episode, Dave Hagan, the boys, Doug and Dave and Rob Dimension countdown to Monster Mania 38, in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We are just a week away. Listen to the details and get amped (just like Big Dave). The guys discuss horror news about Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis and even what Michael should wear. Is he too old? Whats going on?? Plus, Mother, movie pass, costume contest details and more. Join us, tell your friends and buckle up. Make sure you visit for all the details. 

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Monster-Mania Radio 2017 Episode 1

• September 11th, 2017

Monster-Mania Radio is back!!

Thats right. You asked for it, and we listened...finally. Dave Hagan, his sons Dave and Doug and Rob Dimension are back in 2017. Topics discussed are who we've lost in our absence, IT breaking records, remakes and more horror news.


Make sure you come out to Monster-Mania 38 in Hunt Valley, MD, Sept 29th - Oct 1st. For all your info, visit

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Monster-Mania Radio episode # 33

• August 3rd, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio Ep. #33

With less than two weeks to go until Monster-Mania Con (August 16-18) happens, promoter Dave Hagan and his trusty side-kick Rob Dimension are back with the countdown and up to the minute information regarding the convention. Dave and Rob run down the guest list plus discuss the Yorkie auction and Sinister Short film festival.

Dave and Rob also talk about classic toys, the Twilight Zone, The Conjuring and debate the kickstarter revolution. Plenty of Horror News including Sharknado!!

Sit back, listen and enjoy and get ready as Monster-Mania is coming in just DAYS!!

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Monster-Mania Radio #32

• July 19th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio #32

We are less than a month away from Monster-Mania Con 25 and this week Dave, Doug and Rob are once again joined by Dave's oldest son, Dave. This week, the guys discuss Dave's frustration with Redbox, while Rob tries to defend it. Doug, is animated as usual when it comes to many of the topics and Dave is quick to be the voice of reason.

They also talk about some guest announcements, some Con and vendor news plus what else the fans can look forward too. Dave tries to involve the con-goer's even more and makes this a MUST attend convention. He puts some of the film choices in your hands!! Horror news is once again brought up, plenty of insight, news and what to expect into the new year....all this and more on this episode of Monster-Mania Radio.

Make sure to visit the website for tickets and all the latest info regarding the convention.

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Monster-Mania Radio #31

• June 27th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio 31

After a 6 week hiatus, Dave Hagan, the promoter of Monster-Mania Con, his son Doug, Independent Filmmaker Rob Dimension are back, plus an addition to this weeks show...Dave's Grandson Douglas. You can bet that after being away for so long, the guys have plenty to talk about. Movies, TV shows and Horror News. Also, Dave shares his thoughts on Disney's 3-D vs regular 3-D. With the summer heating up quickly, Dave announces more guests for the Aug 16-18 Monster-Mania Con event making this a "can't miss" show.

For more information visit

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Monster-Mania Radio #30

• May 15th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio #30

Monster-Mania Con promoter Dave Hagan and horror enthusiast Rob Dimension are back for another week of Monster-Mania Radio. Dave shares where he is in the decision and process for the potential Monster-Mania store. The guys share plenty of stories and some Horror News. Dave and Rob start to debate a special "Horror Serial/Story" cast for an episode and they want your opinion. Want to hear it? Let em know.

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or at Thanks for supporting and being a part of this!


Monster-Mania Radio # 29

• May 10th, 2013
Monster-Mania Radio # 29
After a 3 week hiatus, Monster-Mania Con promoter Dave Hagan, his son Doug and Rob Dimension are back. Pull up a chair and get ready for a long episode. On today's show, the guys discuss Iron Man 3, Bates Motel, Netflix changes and the possibilities this leads to Dave bringing up a question that could change the landscape of Monster-Mania and make it available 365 days a year! Plus, guest announcements and more for this return episode.
Visit for all the information.
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Monster-Mania Radio #28

• April 12th, 2013
Monster-Mania Radio #28
Monster-Mania Radio is back and this time...they've brought the Evil Dead. Dave Hagan and Rob Dimension discuss this years biggest Horror release "The Evil Dead" in a mostly spoiler free environment.  They talk the history of the series plus their expectations. Did you see it? Your thoughts?
Also, Dave shares his thoughts about Richard Brooker and the kind things he did and how Richard really was a part of the Monster-Mania family. Great and touching segment.
The guys wrap it up with a guest announcement, Horror News and  lot of laughs. Sit back and enjoy. Visit for all the upcoming details.
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Monster-Mania Radio # 27

• April 4th, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio # 27

Monster-Mania Con Promoter, Dave Hagan and Horror Enthusiast Rob Dimension are back this week with plenty of Horror and more. Dave openly discusses dealing with the stars, making announcements and what can happen during the communications. Dave and Rob talk about character portrayals in film from some of the greats that play "Mentally Ill". Tell us who you think was the most believable as crazy!

Plus, the guys talk about The Bates Motel, The Evil Dead and Horror News...make sure you subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Also, visit for all your guest listings and info about upcoming conventions.

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Monster-Mania Radio # 26 - Monster-Mania Con 24 Recap

• March 21st, 2013

Monster-Mania Radio # 26 - Monster-Mania Con 24

After the widely successful Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ, Monster-Mania Radio returns with a full recap of the events, the convention, plus some behind the scenes. Promoter Dave Hagan, his sons Dave and Doug plus resident Horror nerd, Rob Dimension talk all things that made this past convention one of the best.

Listen as they discuss the happiness of being a part of the show, the laughs from the VIP and Costume Contest, plus what they really felt was special. Horror news makes it's return with Bates Motel talk, American Horror Story news plus so much more.

Sit back, relax and be a part of the conversation on this week's episode and be on the look out for a guest announcement!!

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